The most convincing argument goes like this:

Suppose you happen upon a pocket watch in the middle of the desert. You can be assured that wind, rain, and other natural forces didn’t act together to somehow fashion the beauty & intricate complexity of that watch. You know just by looking at it that something with intelligence designed and built it.

It’s a small leap to apply the same to life forms. They are amazingly intricate and complex. Even the poorly designed pieces (the Panda’s thumb, the human lower back) show *some* process at work. Where Intelligent Design & Evolution differ is simply a matter of where the design lay. Let’s resolve that here:


The fact that evolution happens is irrefutable, arguing against it is a waste of valuable resources. While we don’t yet have proof that life itself was designed, if one were to setup a system that ran itself, one would be quite intelligent indeed to establish one ruled by the laws that govern natural selection.

Contrary to some religious zealots, I propose that many evolutionists are MORE respectful of a higher power THROUGH their belief of a theory of evolution through natural selection. For if god designed the evolutionary system itself, and using the same logic that shows a pocket watch in the desert shows intelligent design, so does the existence of a system as beautiful and intricate as Evolution, demonstrates the design of an intelligent being, it’s disrespectful to not believe in it.

That’s all I have to say about this for now…