While they could be more proactive, one of the things I appreciate most about Buddhists is their constant focus on reality, dealing with things they way they truly are, right now…not the way we want them to be, they way we hope they will be, the way they were, or the way they might be. It requires mental discipline to do so; hence all the meditating, perhaps too much so at times and not enough emphasis on what one should do or the benefit of acting in a timely fashion. But enough on that, let’s get back to realism.

One might see that this single-minded focus on realism as a consequence of Siddhartha’s postulating that all suffering is caused by craving & ignorance. I like to think that he wasn’t advocating an end to wanting as much as he was emphasizing that we bridge the gap between impossible desires and things that one can learn & do today to live a little closer to our dreams, finding meaningful happiness in all the tiny moments of wonder that make up a well-lived life.