One of the more unique qualities you and I share as humans, is the extent to which we can shape our environment. We don’t have to wait for a cave to vacate, we can gather enough materials to make our own home, or pay someone to do it for us. We don’t have to have wings, we can build an airplane. You get the idea.

In this way, it presents a bit of a struggle for me to know when to fight against what is the current reality and dream some of how I wish things to be rather than just accepting things the way they are. For example, the very device, network and other “magic” that allows you to be reading these very words right now didn’t just happen – many people struggled valiantly to make it all possible and work seamlessly together. But to the person 50 years ago to dream of such a day, it would have appeared as folly. Yet we wouldn’t be here with these tools and newfound abilities if they hadn’t started dreaming.

So, I’ll accept that there are things that we cannot change right now but I shall always struggle with what is not worth investing in changing. For while we all share the same current reality, we need not share the same future one.