It’s been said that when soliciting for bids on a project, you’ll know the expert because they’ll say it costs twice as much and will take three times as long. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

From experience, that’s mostly true. It’s not to say that you must always buy the most expensive car or house or clothing, because by being high-priced those are somehow automatically better. Rather, it’s that the expert has explored the space enough to know most of the things that the inexperienced person has yet to discover. They’ll cover the details better. That’s the bit that relates to the title of this post. We’re all kinda fumbling around in the dark in this life and we are each unsure as we hurtle into an unknowable future. Sure, some of us are more enlightened because we’re more immune to self-deception, but you truly never can fully know what you don’t know. The world is just too large and our ability to sense and store the knowledge of it too small.

It’s actually pretty amazing that we can make as much sense of it as we do! Even the most intelligent of us still have very limited capacity relative to the immensity of it all. Anyway, no conclusions to draw tonight, just some musings…

All the best.