So far, we’ve only been able to share consciousness amongst a few people. Our minds are only so many cubic centimeters in capacity yet we can imagine the universe. Think of what a much larger, internetworked structure can comprehend and achieve.

We’re now able to imagine a new consciousness in AI and in doing so, we will alter our own. To echo the words of Alan Watts, we are the universe experiencing itself.

The reality we live in exists even without us but our ability to interact with it, to reshape it, depends directly on our ability to understand it at the smallest scale. AI will allow us to take our minds to new levels of understanding impossible without such a tool. AI = hydraulics for the brain. Imagine the new levels of reality we’ll uncover with AI to aid us… Think of how the discovery of DNA changed the course of human development, how the discovery of the atomic structure altered the course of our own evolution. Unimaginably more such discoveries await us with more intellectual power to navigate with.

We’ll be able to reach new levels of understanding about our own consciousness by examining it from another, wholly different one. And if we weren’t frightened of it, we would have proof that it really wasn’t that powerful after all.